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My approach to coaching is to work as a facilitator, allowing my clients to find their own solutions and strategies through my sensitive questioning. Occasionally challenging the thought processes, to get deeper into an issue or discussion.

Positive psychology opens the mind and heart to seek what’s under the iceberg.

Working with sailing metaphors (why not?!) enriches our conversation to visualise another tack to navigate through the choppy waters in the discovery of fair winds.

Coaching is a style that motivates and empowers my clients to take control and steer a different and enhanced course. The journey is often more important than the end point – the port of your choice!

I offer a pro bono coaching hour as it is ‘sailient’ you feel comfortable with me as well as my approach. We can discuss the best approach yet for 1:1 coaching I recommend 6 sessions usually one per month…yet you are in control, so you can chose!

With more than 30 years in business – I can make a Sailient difference