Susi is a wonderful facilitator with great natural insight

Through my work as founder of Coach to Contribute I have been able to witness Susi in action in a variety of situations and recently she has also provided generous support to me in the form of personal coaching.

Apart from being a warm and generous human being, Susi is a wonderful facilitator with great natural insight into people. Her ability to connect at a very deep level within a very short time is extraordinary.

Through that she helps you to reflect very deeply by challenging your life scripts and really looking at the words and thoughts that hold you back from making that much needed step forward. Particularly encouraging you to be vulnerable and showing the real you, accepting that very part of you that you have perhaps tried to shy away from for whatever reason.

Her style is encouraging and has a balance of gently allowing you to open up whilst not being afraid to challenge you with her truth, pushing you to be a better version of yourself.

In my work with her for Coach to Contribute, I have also had the benefit of seeing her work as a facilitator of groups. Susi is able to create a safe space where every member of the group feels they give equal value and are valued equally.

Her experience in business, management and juggling all with running a family means she has a impressive portfolio to draw on and this comes through in her dealings with both myself and others.

Ann Skinner
Coach to Contribute

Susi completey got where I was coming from

Having known Susi for several years as a guest to my business, and having built a professional rapport with her, it was a natural progression for me to choose Susi to assist with some coaching in my business.


The core values of trust, confidence and respect were vital to me as some of the content of our sessions were of a sensitive nature.

Susi completey got where I was coming from and assisted with my processes of figuring out my stuff, and exploring the alternative perspectives.


If you need someone to help navigate some of the day to day challenges of running a successful company through the trickier details, then I would recommend Susi as a great sound board to really listen to your ideas.

Amanda Marsden
of Amanda Marsden Lifestyle Salons

I would have no hesitation in recommending Susi

Susi is a capable and highly intelligent coach who has built a successful business with outstanding reputation. She is a thoughtful individual and her understanding of business is well developed. Susi is able to add value in any given situation as she listens, understands and contributes very effectively. Her experience and knowledge have helped me to see my business in a very different light and improve how I manage day to day activities, as well as help plan for the future.

Susi challenges my thinking and offers a different perspective on my ideas, enabling me to see how various outcomes may play out.  With her experience she is able to identify areas for improvement and provide me with the tools to move forward, including a good network of contacts to approach in specific areas.  Working with Susi has been a great asset to the growth of my business as well as for my personal development.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Susi as a coach to other business owners.

Ellen Jenkins

The questions Susi asked me resulted in a seismic shift in my perception from where I was at the start of the session to where I was by the end.

George Skully
George Skully Coaching

She has helped me feel strong

My sessions with Susi have not only helped me to clarify and prioritise but have given me a renewed energy and focus. She has helped me feel strong in staying true to myself and my principles. Which has enabled me to resource myself and direct my energies properly once again. She is perceptive and quick to ‘see’. I cannot recommend her more highly.

Vicky Garner
Garner & Tonic

I can highly recommend Susi’s work

The coaching sessions I had with Susi were rooted in true understanding of my situation on the different levels which was approached by carefully placed questions with immense support.  I was able to gain access to deeper information inside of me which was a truly amazing experience and serves me really well.  I can highly recommend Susi’s work.

Agnes Schmitz
Craniosacral Therapist