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Business Leadership Coaching

Coaching can really empower YOU and your business to further achieve those goals and objectives that can sometimes appear just out of reach…..the process offers you a space for powerful reflection. It is a supportive relationship allowing you to connect with abilities and behaviours of which you may not be fully conscious and to change those of which you are fully conscious. Coaching is a metaphor of going deep and reaching high – rather than rushing forward and looking back, at an organisational or individual level.

I offer two processes which can significantly enhance the coaching process:

Leadership Quality Process

Focussing on a range of Leadership Quality cards, I can facilitate a powerful range of conversations about leadership qualities in you and in your team as well as your organisation. There are leadership qualities in us all and raising awareness of where they are in your business team can facilitate inclusiveness and improved business performance.

Psychometric assessments

As a qualified Korn Ferry administrator I can offer personality assessments and ability tests. These can be administered on line or at your organisation. As well as supporting the coaching process this can assist with:

  • Career development
  • Learning and Development plans
  • Career change
  • Potential Development
  • Leadership development
  • Raise self-awareness
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Talent Management
With more than 30 years in business – I can make a Sailient difference