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Applying a coaching style to consultancy allows the client team to find and own the solutions for themselves. Gaining that involvement and commitment is so important for business success and growth. Developing a coaching culture in an organisation allows the discovery, development and ownership of leadership skills throughout a team and organisation.

When applying with the Leadership Quality Practice this opens up rich and insightful discussions around which leadership qualities exist, which may be eclipsed, which ones are missing and how to allow others in. For example, businesses are often very task focussed and this can often eclipse creativity and innovation – the leadership qualities which allow a business to grow and thrive.

Team development and talent management can be enhanced using psychometric assessments and ability tests. This navigates HR teams to select and develop more accurately and cost effectively. It assists with deciding what competencies are more ‘sailient’. The recruitment and selection process for any company is very expensive – in time and financially. A rigorous assessment process such as the one Korn Ferry TalentQ suite can provide, will focus your time and assist in managing your budget and achieve better value and ROI.

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