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Terms & Conditions (detailed) are available and sent to clients once a relationship is to be agreed.

Scope of services
I will only enter into contracts that we have the expertise to complete. If services are requested that 1 am not competent to provide, alternative sources of service will be recommended.

Individual client coaching sessions may be rearranged at no cost. It is expected that a minimum of 48 hours notice of cancellation should be given. If cancellation is too late for the session to be rearranged, then the session may be forfeit and still chargeable.

Should I be unable to complete coaching or training due to illness or other reason, no liability is incurred related to any loss made by the client. Alternative coaches or trainers may be suggested if necessary.

Sailient Coaching, under CotswoldConnections Ltd, is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance with regard to professional neglect. The limitation on liability is restricted to the amount of the contract entered into.

Clients are expected to have their own Public Liability Insurance in place in respect of any training orĀ coaching carried out on their premises.

Sailient Coaching is not liable for any personal injury incurred by clients whilst undertaking coaching or training. Clients undertake such activities at their own risk.

Our Terms & Conditions are subject to change.